Proactive Training Solutions for Dealerships

  • How much does it cost you when a sales rep answers a call and doesn’t know what to say?
  • Have your close rates seen better days?
  • Do you provide ongoing training for your sales team?
Proactive Training Solutions

You invest time and money in generating leads. So when leads call your dealership, the last thing you want to do is let them drop out of the sales funnel. Yet far too often, these leads are lost due to poorly trained sales reps.

Alan Ram’s Proactive Training Solutions (PTS) program helps you customize a long-term game plan for training your sales team. Developed by a car person for car people, the program is available on-site at your dealership or online.

Why use PTS?
  • Gain access to an interactive training delivery system 24/7/365.
  • Build a high-performing sales team through education, simulation and accountability.
  • Make sure your team understands the material presented through comprehensive testing.
Here’s a peek at some of the solutions PTS provides.
Two-Day Interactive Training Kickoff

What it does: Brings Alan Ram on-site to present one of his two most popular sessions: “Phone-Ups That Show-Up” for telephone training or “Growing Your Business” for sales training.

Why you need it: So your sales staff can benefit from personalized, professional training.

Management By Fire

What it does: Provides sales management with strategies for becoming great managers.

Why you need it: Because great managers are defined not by what they do when they have a showroom full of customers, but by what they do when there are no customers in the showroom!

Business Development Center Implementation, Reimplementation and Tune-Up

What it does: Helps you develop an approach to business development that works for your dealership, whether you use salespeople in your BDC, specific BDC staff or a combination of both.

Why you need it: Because in the field of automotive business development, the cookie-cutter approach doesn’t always work.

On-Site Customizable Workshops

What it does: Engages dealership staff in high-energy sessions that focus on a customizable set of training processes.

Why you need it: To motivate your sales team and develop a training program that fits the needs of your dealership or dealer group.

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