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Call Rescue Mobile Apps

If you're having trouble finding time to manage your phone leads, you're in luck. We’ve updated our mobile app, so now you can follow up on lost leads, review calls and manage your employees from anywhere.

Updates include:
  • View lists of recent calls for a selected account and number group.
  • Use Click to Call from the app to rescue missed opportunities.
  • Listen to call recordings.
  • Update names and addresses for callers.
  • Add notes to recent calls.
  • View recent call and note activity for each caller.
  • Review the Called Back report to identify calls that have been rescued.

Once you’ve downloaded the app, simply contact our support team at 855.CALLBRIGHT (option 3) to enable your account for mobile activity.

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Callbright Interactive Desktop App

Callbright Interactive

I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase “Time is money.” When it comes to call handling, this couldn’t be more true. It makes sense: The more phone calls you have, the higher your odds of converting prospects into customers and keeping customers satisfied.

With the improved Callbright Interactive desktop app, you can now fully manage your missed sales opportunities on your desktop.

  • Use the Click to Call feature on rescued calls.
  • Assign missed opportunities to a specific agent.
  • Close rescued callers that have been called back.
  • Sync caller edits and notes with the Call Rescue mobile app.
  • View reports available in the mobile app (Overall Totals, Pending Results, etc.) within Interactive.
  • Categorize and filter rescued calls to identify when agents do or do not call back rescues.
  • Color code pop-up windows for missed calls.

To download the Callbright Interactive desktop app, log in to your Callbright account and follow the prompts.

Have additional questions? Contact our to learn more.