Call Rescue

  • Are competitors snatching the leads you mishandle?
  • How much revenue are you leaving behind on every call?
  • Are you unable to pinpoint your biggest profit leaks?
Call Rescue Mobile App

Companies that respond to customer queries within the hour are seven times more likely to qualify leads. Doesn’t sound too hard, right? However, only 37 percent of businesses meet this challenge, because calls are missed and mishandled all the time.

You can record your calls to hear when you’re losing clients due to poor service, but you’ll soon encounter a new hurdle: You don’t have time to listen to all those calls.

We’ve got you covered. Because we’re visionaries.

Our call monitoring service, Call Rescue, allows you to take back revenue you may be losing to competitors without spending all your free time (which you don’t actually have) listening to calls.

How it Works: Our professionally trained staff reviews your recorded calls to find missed opportunities. They’ll even email you real-time alerts and ongoing reporting to help you rescue your revenue the second it’s lost.

Why use Call Rescue?
  • Rescue sales and service opportunities.
  • Put time and energy into selling instead of reviewing calls.
  • Uncover staff and process deficiencies.
  • Improve customer service and build staff accountability.
  • Interact with Call Rescue on the go with our Android and iPhone apps.

Want to manage leads on the go? Find out more about our Call Rescue mobile apps for iPhone and Android.

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