Outbound Lead Tracker

  • Is your staff failing to call back prospects and customers?
  • Would you know if they weren’t?
  • How does this negatively affect your sales and customer service?
Outbound Lead Tracker

Did you know companies that respond to customer queries within the hour are seven times more likely to secure sales? Sadly, only 37 percent of businesses meet this goal.

You don’t have to become part of this statistic.

Outbound Lead Tracker gives you the ability to monitor and track calls in real time by recording calls, so you can increase staff accountability. You’ll be able to uncover opportunities for your staff and confirm that your agents are calling back prospects and customers in a timely manner.

Why use Outbound Lead Tracker?
  • Increase staff accountability with real-time call monitoring and tracking.
  • Uncover opportunities for staff training or coaching.
  • Make it easy for your staff to call your customers.
  • Gain negotiation power with your ad providers.
  • Quickly update and modify caller information.

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