Call Reports

  • Do you wonder where your callers are coming from?
  • Have you ever wanted a simpler way to review call results?
  • Are you aware of when calls aren’t answered?
Call Reports

Wish you knew more about your business’s call activity without having to drudge through loads of disorganized data? You can!

With call reports, you’ll get insight into which prospect and customer demographics are calling your company and whether or not your staff is actually answering those calls.

Why use our call reports?
  • Increase your success rates.
  • Simplify your lead, call and user activity information.
  • Easily identify lost leads.
We provide three types of reports.
Demographic Information

What it is: A call report that tracks statistics such as caller locations, ZIP codes, age groups, average incomes and more.

Why you need it: To increase your success rates by tailoring your advertising campaigns to certain demographics.

Emailed Reports Scheduler

What it is: Email reports are sent to your inbox daily, weekly or monthly.

Why you need it: To simplify the way you learn information about your leads, calls and user activities without having to log into your Callbright account.

Busy Call/No Answer Call Reporting

What it is: A call report that shows you when a caller receives a busy signal or a staff member doesn’t answer a call.

Why you need it: To easily identify where you may have missed calls so you can save leads.

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