Are your real estate ads reaching the right people in the right way?

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Competition is fierce in the real estate market, and your team can’t generate property sales or rentals before reaching and nurturing high-quality leads more effectively than anyone else does. Of course, this means that every one of your advertising dollars must count.

Not to mention that even if you maximize your ad spend to its fullest potential but your sales process is suffering, those high-quality leads can quickly become the competition’s next best customers.

Do you have a simple way to identify which of your investments and agents are pulling their weight?

Let us help you address key problems in your selling process.

Are my real estate ads generating quality leads?

Two-thirds of home buyers and sellers only contact one agent before selecting one to assist with the sale of their property. If you knew which ads were leading to the majority of calls for your office, you could put your marketing dollars toward the ones that actually generate ROI (which doesn’t have to be a mystery, no matter what marketing channel you’re investing in).

The solution:

Do my agents respond to online inquiries quickly enough?

Forty-five percent of consumers expect an initial response from an online inquiry within 15 minutes, and 56 percent of consumers expect a response time from their agent within 30 minutes. Failing to respond to prospects and customers quickly enough ultimately hurts your bottom line, because you’d better believe you’re not the only realtor they’re waiting to hear back from.

The solution:

Not sure if your realtors are mishandling sales calls?

Ever missed out on a showing because someone at your agency handled a phone call, well, less than satisfactorily? No one wants that to happen, especially not us. Resolve the problem before it starts. Phone training is a good start; measured accountability is an even better finish. Your goal is to know exactly why a caller didn’t convert to a renter or buyer and to assess where your team can improve in the future.

Think of your phone training program in terms of finding a property that meets your needs. You have specific criteria in mind (X number of showings, Y number of closings), but everyone needs to be on the same page about the agency’s priorities, and you need a phone quality assurance program to check for cracks in the foundation, so to speak.

The solution:

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