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No problem. Even if your business isn’t a part of the automotive, media or real estate industry, you probably encounter many of the same challenges. Like most businesses, we bet you invest in advertisements, struggle with lead generation and retention and want to simplify your sales process. We’d like to help you find some solutions to these everyday problems.

How do I know which of my ads are generating quality leads?

Sixty-five percent of businesses consider phone calls their highest quality lead source (BIA/Kelsey, 2010), so knowing which ads are bringing in phone calls is kind of a big deal. But the truth is, you won’t know which ads are generating phone calls until you start tracking them. We can show you how to measure your ROI and improve the way you allocate your advertising budget.

The solution:

Are my sales agents successfully nurturing leads?

Whether it’s a rude comment, a failed attempt to set an appointment or a lack to respond at all, mishandled calls can and do lead to missed sales. Word of mouth spreads twice as fast about bad service (BIA/Kelsey, 2010), and the last thing your business needs is damage to your reputation.

The solution:

Sales reps not logging leads in your CRM?

Why miss out on leads that you’ve already paid for because of a faulty, manual process? Every time your sales reps place or receive a sales call — even on their cellphones — that lead’s record needs to be updated in your CRM. The problem is, the more time your sales team spends on data entry, the less time they have to focus on selling.

The solution:

Have high turnover in your sales force?

If your sales team feels like it has a revolving door, it’s time to take a close look at what’s causing them to leave. You’ll likely find several factors at play: the pressure to meet sales quotas, not enough leads coming in, tension between staff members, etc. But a lot of the time, turnover boils down to inadequate training.

Think about it. Generating leads + following up on leads + setting appointments + landing deals = revenue.

If salespeople aren’t properly trained to turn leads into buyers, they’re not going to bring in much revenue for themselves or your business. If they’re not bringing in money, they won’t be with your company long.

We’ll be honest: Training is an investment of time and money. But if you’re willing to invest in your team up front, you can build a successful, experienced sales force that boosts your profits.

The solution:

Struggle with turnaround time for online leads?

Online buyers are used to finding what they’re looking for within seconds on the web. If leads fill out a contact form on your website and don’t hear back within minutes, they’re going to move on. But if you can call them within five minutes versus 30 minutes, you’re 100 times more likely to convert them.

The solution:

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