Custom Greetings

  • Is your sales staff prepared when they answer the phone?
  • Do you need to spruce up your call greetings on the fly?
  • Does leaving messages on answering machines take too much time away from live calls?
Custom Greetings

Picture this. A call comes into your business. Your staff answers it, but has no clue where the call is coming from. How prepared will the rep be to talk to the prospect? Not as prepared as they would be if they had a bit of inside information to work with.

With Custom Greetings, your staff will hear a brief message regarding the details of an incoming call.

Or let’s say you’re running a special for certain markets and you need to contact hundreds of customers. Does your staff have the time to call each customer individually to tell them about the special? Probably not.

Custom Greetings can also automatically broadcast a prerecorded message, leaving your staff free to interact with customers.

Why use Custom Greetings?
  • Prepare your staff for every call.
  • Increase customer satisfaction.
  • Spend more time with live callers.
  • Keep your customers informed.
Here are the Custom Greetings features we offer.
Call Announcer

What it does: Plays a quick announcement giving your staff information about the origin of the call.

Why you need it: To better equip your staff and know where your calls are coming from.

Custom Messages

What it does: Sends broadcast messages that incorporate regional distinctions or offer different terms to separate markets or customer bases.

Why you need it: To create separate automated greetings for each toll-free number you use.

Personal Messages

What it does: Detects the presence of a machine and offers you the option to insert your own standardized, prerecorded voice message.

Why you need it: To deliver your personal touch with the click of a button, increasing the amount of time you can give to customers who are available when you call.

Welcome Message

What it does: Customizes the greeting at the beginning of the call to fit your needs.

Why you need it: To notify callers of sales, discounts or other information.

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