Customizable Access Levels

  • Do you need to run reports by type of agent or department?
  • Are you concerned about employees making unauthorized changes to other users’ accounts?
  • Do you have employees who need to view call data but whom you don’t want on the phones?
Customizable Access Levels

No two employees at your company are alike. They have individual roles they perform, whether it’s sales or marketing or customer service, and they’re each going to use the Callbright application in different ways. So it’s nice to have the flexibility to control which features your agents have access to within your lead management system.

To help you avoid having too many cooks in the kitchen, custom access levels allow you to pick and choose which employees can view certain reports and call recordings, change campaign settings and enable features.

Why use customizable access levels?
  • Run reports based on user type or department.
  • Give agents different access levels, such as read only or administrator.
  • Create user groups for different departments or user roles.

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