DNC List Compliance

  • Would you rather save your money for ad campaigns (not DNC violations)?
  • Are FCC and FTC regulations scaring you away from calling potential customers?
  • Not sure how to tell which prospects are registered on the DNC list?
Do Not Call Compliance

Back in 2003, the FCC and FTC established the Do Not Call list for people who were tired of getting calls from telemarketers. That’s good news for consumers, but the potential fines for DNC violations left legitimate businesses like you quaking in their shoes. Today, fines for violations are as much as $40,654 per call. You need a way to nurture your prospects and stay in touch with your customers, but is it worth the risk of hefty fines? Not a chance.

But placing calls doesn’t have to make you break out in a cold sweat. That’s where our DNC compliance tools come in. We offer two options.

Why Use DNC Compliance?
  • Prevent your staff from calling numbers on the DNC list.
  • Avoid potential fines.
  • Preserve your company’s reputation.
We offer two levels of DNC Compliance.
Standard DNC Compliance

What it does: Displays customer information for outbound calls before the call connects, avoiding flagged numbers.

Why you need it: To stay on the up-and-up with the FCC and FTC by not calling people on the DNC list.

Premium DNC Compliance

What it does: Compares the telephone numbers from inbound and outbound calls to your subscribed DNC list.

Why you need it: To be proactive about filtering out numbers on the DNC list — before you initiate a call.

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