Enhanced Numbers

  • Do you wish you could use local numbers for your business but still track your ad performance?
  • Do you provide your customers with a toll-free number?
  • How memorable is your business’s phone number?
Enhanced Numbers

Adding an intelligent toll-free or local number to your website, promotional items or anything in between gives potential leads a convenient and cost-free way to contact your business (and gives you insight into the success of your marketing efforts).

Why use Enhanced Numbers?
You can choose from three types of numbers.
  • Create greater brand awareness
  • Increase call rates.
  • Use memorable phone numbers.
  • Give a local feel to a much larger business.
Local Numbers

What it does: Gives you local tracking numbers to place on your advertisements.

Why you need it: To help you establish a local presence while tracking your ad performance. Also, some people are more comfortable dialing a local number to reach your business.

Branding Numbers

What it does: Allows your customers and prospects to contact you through toll-free vanity numbers such as 855.CALLBRIGHT.

Why you need it: To build your brand image, increase your response rates and create credibility for your company.

Repeater Numbers

What it does: Provides you with phone numbers with repeater digits in them such as 1.800.545.5555.

Why you need it: To make it easy for your customers to remember your number long enough to call your business and tell others about it.

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