Inbound Lead Tracker

  • Do you know how to attribute calls?
  • How much are you spending on ineffective advertisements?
  • Do you know how to determine where to place your ads?
Inbound Lead Tracker

Ever heard someone say that nobody makes phone calls anymore? Don’t believe them! The truth is, 94 percent of marketing budgets are spent to entice customers to call.

That's why call attribution technology is important. When customers call in, you need to be able to determine exactly which advertisements are generating the greatest return on investment. You also need to know who's calling you and find key demographic information you can use to further your business strategies.

Our Inbound Lead Tracker product helps you figure out if your ads are an investment or a plain ole waste of money.

Why use Inbound Lead Tracker?
  • Utilize call attribution technology to prove a marketing campaign's ROI.
  • Be confident when to continue or remove ad sources.
  • Gain negotiation power with your ad providers.
  • Utilize key demographic information to develop your strategies.
  • Quickly update and modify caller information.
  • Increase staff accountability with live-time call monitoring and tracking.

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