Lead Chaser

  • Are you struggling with responding to web leads in a timely manner?
  • How many leads are you missing due to slow response times?
  • Do your employees know who’s responsible for following up on which web leads?
Lead Chaser

Ever lost an important sale because you overlooked a web lead that got lost in your inbox? Ouch. Keeping track of those leads can be difficult, but it’s important, because the longer a prospect waits to hear back from a sales rep, the more likely they are to take their business elsewhere. In fact, a lead response study by insidesales.com shows that if you contact a lead within five minutes after the lead is submitted, you’re 100 times more likely to get in touch with the lead than if you wait 30 minutes.

Lead Chaser® will help you get in touch with those leads ASAP, sometimes before they’ve even finished browsing your site.

Here’s how it works: When an online prospect submits a form on a website, the Callbright system calls the next available agent (based on pre-defined work hours) on the round robin rotation of the Lead Chaser profile. When the system reaches a live agent, Lead Chaser uses text-to-speech technology to convert the contents of the form to a recording. The agent then has the option to immediately call the prospect without even checking their email first!

Why use Lead Chaser?
  • Improve lead conversion rates by responding quickly to online leads.
  • Provide efficient and timely customer service.
  • Gain valuable lead information.
  • Automatically assign leads to agents.
  • Follow up on web leads without sorting through emails.

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