Live Call Tracking

  • Have you ever lost track of caller information?
  • Do you find out too late that calls have been mishandled?
  • Are you hesitant to call potential customers because of FCC and FTC regulations?
Live Call Tracking

Marketers spend copious amounts of time and money creating ads to go on everything from billboards to bathroom stalls but still feel like their lead generation methods are not effective.

If you’re suffering from the same epidemic, Live Call Tracking helps you get the most from your marketing investment by linking your high-quality leads with the ads that brought them your way.

Why Use Live Call Tracking?
  • Utilize call attribution technology to prove campaign effectiveness.
  • Listen to recordings of every call.
  • Identify your prospects’ interests and pain points.
Here are some more features Live Call Tracking provides you with.
My Callbright

What it does: Shows a summary of caller data and agent activity from the past seven days.

Why you need it: To efficiently monitor mishandled calls and your team’s progress with prospects and customers at a glance.

Callbright Interactive

What it does: Pulls up information about your calls in a Windows desktop application that starts automatically when you boot up your PC.

Why you need it: So you can monitor calls, receive call notifications, listen to call recordings and update lead information directly from your desktop.

DNC Compliance

What it does: Displays customer information for outbound calls before the call connects, avoiding flagged numbers.

Why you need it: To stay on the up-and-up with the FTC by not calling people on the DNC list.

Premium DNC Compliance

What it does: Compares phone numbers from your inbound and outbound calls to your subscribed DNC list.

Why you need it: To be proactive about filtering out numbers on the DNC list — before you initiate a call.

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